I was a first-time homebuyer and clueless about buying a home. Mr. Trotman took the time to explain the homebuying process in-depth. Jason Trotman was a professional and kept me informed throughout the whole experience. I was most impressed in his tenacity and persistence in catering to my needs. It is rare to find someone who takes such pride and joy in their work. I enjoyed the experience and I look forward to the next transaction with Mr. Trotman.
-Kourtney Kemp

Jason is a consummate professional who ensured my homebuying experience was a smooth transaction. He is readily available at a moment’s notice.
Mark Balanquit

We don’t like writing things like this but the service was truly above and beyond expectations; that we felt it right to give acknowledgment when it’s due. As a first time home buyer, my wife and I had so many questions and we felt other realtors were out to take advantage of that fact and were not honest so we were worried about finding a realtor that was not going to take advantage of us, look out for our best interest and help my wife and I find the home that we wanted for our family for the right price.

We met Mr. Trotman through an advertisement and requested references and we have to agree with what they said; his knowledge of the real estate business, professionalism and code of ethics ensured us that he was concerned only about our interest and not what he can gain from the purchase. He was available to answer any question honestly at any time, and gave us the true “cause and effects” of any decision that had to be made regardless of who it affected, which helped us make the right decision for our family. He even helped my Mom sell her house in New York City.
Michael and Etana Simmons

Being first-time home-buyers, and not having been resident in the US for too long made both my wife, Edna and I quite apprehensive about the whole process. Jason was kind enough to walk us through the whole process (literally, at times). Jason found us exactly what we had specified very quickly. Jason is extremely personable and a delight to work with.I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to friends, and in fact already have, many times over!!
Peter Gitei

I was reffered to Jason as a first time home buyer. Jason is very professional and he left no doubt in my mind that he was looking out for my best interest through out the whole process. He was always available even when it was not convenient for him and he would make sure that I was at ease with the whole process and seemingly went out on a limb to make sure that I would achieve exactly what was comfortable and affordable for me.
Shauna Proctor

My husband and I had the pleasure a working with Mr. Trotman for the purchase of our first home. His professional demeanor and ability to articulate the home buying process provided us with a sense of security. He was patient with all our anxieties about purchasing and was able to put our minds at ease.

Additionally, I have worked with Jason on the settlement side as a title agent. I respected his efforts to provide information for his clients in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Mr. Trotman for all your real estate needs…”Trust Trotman”…he’s the man to get the job done!
Marsha and Melvin Thomas

I was fortunate enough to meet Jason Trotman through a mutual friend at dinner one night. The topic of conversation was the difficult time I was having getting in touch with my real-estate agent, it must have been fate because Jason mentioned he was a real estate agent and we went out looking for my new home the very next day. Jason took me out rain or shine and braved blizzards just to accommodate my crazy work schedule. Jason was attentive, persistent and dedicated. The epitome of what you want in a real estate agent. In fact the only reason the seller accepted my bid was because they wanted a smooth tranisition with no surprises and even they realized Jason makes things happen. I recommend him to anyone who wants a positive experience in an unfriendly market.
-Monica Nieves

We came to know Jason Trotman, of Realty Pros, late last fall when we were transferred from the DC area overseas. On top of everything else going on in our lives the last thing we needed to deal with was selling our property. After speaking with several real estate agents, Jason’s knowledge of the market, reliability and professionalism made us decide to list with him.

Jason truly went above and beyond to bring potential buyers to our property in a time when real estate was nowhere close to its peak. We left the country and left Jason in charge. Being so far away could have been a very frustrating situation, but Jason kept us extremely well informed via email and telephone calls as he continued to bring clients through. His hard work and determination resulted in a quick sale which went through seamlessly.

Thank you so much, Jason, for the time and dedication you spent on our property. We truly appreciate all you have done.
Cindy and Marco Macias

I was extremely pleased with the entire home buying experience I had working with Jason Trotman. He is extremely knowledgeable always kept me informed and was a skilled Realtor. I felt confident at all times knowing that he was representing me and my best interests throughout the entire process.

Buying a home can be a trying experience, particularly when you are purchasing by yourself for the first time. His support, guidance and attention to detail over the past several months was wonderful. I truly appreciated the professionalism Jason exhibited throughout the entire process and give him my highest recommendation without reservation.

Thank you Jason, for all of your help — you did a remarkable job!
Joanna Calabrese

In times when it seems like it can be hard to find people you can trust, I was lucky to have Jason come my way. I have used many other realtors in my real estate transactions and was not satisfied with their level of commitment and honesty. Jason Trotman is honest, caring, committed, loyal, patient, and above all an excellent human being with an amazing moral character.

He and I have been through alot in the current market, and even when my spirit started to diminish he was there all along encouraging me to remain positive. His personality is upbeat, positive, and calming. Again, I am very lucky to have him as a friend and a real estate professional. I fully intend to continue to use his services for all of my future real estate dealings.

To me, he is an angel sent from above and it is very refreshing to know that people like him exist to help people like me. Thank you Jason for all your love and dedication!!
Rob Chanel

Jason Trotman is the best realtor we’ve ever worked with. Jason’s dedication to his clients is unmatched in the industry. Jason is responsive, strategic (a master of negotiation), and ethical. His effectiveness in contract negotiations is fostered by his extensive real estate experience in the MD/VA/DC area, and further strengthened by his strong academic background. Jason holds an MBA, and his training is reflected in the results that he has been able to deliver to his clients.

Our transaction was a complicated foreclosure, and we were the buyers. The corporate seller we dealt with had internal communication issues, and the transaction was thus delayed. Jason worked closely with the corporate seller, Settlement Company, our loan officer, and the corporate seller’s various layers of representatives to negotiate a final agreement that was both fair and advantageous to his clients. Without Jason, our transaction would have surely fallen out of escrow. Jason is not only a strategic thinker who can influence key stakeholders in complicated negotiations, but also a customer-service focused business professional who keeps his clients’ interests as his highest priority.

He has a thorough understanding of all aspects of a real estate transaction, and is able to keep a firm grip on all the moving parts. We highly recommend Jason Trotman for your purchase/sale transaction. If you need additional comments/details/references, my husband and I will be happy to answer any/all questions about our experiences as Jason’s clients.
-Angela Itoge & Lester Manalo

The settlement processes went smoothly and my son is eagerly trying to move into the house. We already transferred utility under his name. Thanks for all your great help, let us know if you have good deals in the future, and looking forward to working with you guys again in the future. Sincerely, Xia’s Family.
-ZhengLian Xia

Earlier this summer (June 2010) I moved into the area in anticipation of purchasing a new home in the city. I was renting a unit in Arlington on a month to month basis and went to the closest Real Estate office to where I lived – needless to say, the experience with my first Realtor was terrible. He was very unhelpful and often tried to pressure me into buying properties that were not right for me. I felt as if he was my Realtor just to make a quick sale. Very discouraged, I was about to give up the idea of purchasing a home for a while and continue to rent…until I met Jason.

Being a first-time home buyer, it was nice to have Jason guide me through the entire process. Jason is extremely kind, knowledgeable, and best of all, exceedingly flexible with his working schedule. I felt as if initially Jason took me on a tour of every unit in the city (as I had no idea where I wanted to live). However, as time passed, Jason was able to help me narrow my search down into a very specific area, which made searching for the perfect home much less complicated. After months of searching and waiting for units to come on the market, I finally closed on the perfect unit for me. Never once did I feel pressured by Jason to buy, which was extremely important to me. Lastly, Jason’s professionalism was extraordinary. I am some-what of a worry wart and asked him a TON of questions. Jason responded instantaneously to all of my questions.

If he had to follow-up with a third party on a question, I would receive the answer back from him within a few hours – even after the sale! I would recommend working with Jason to anyone and everyone I know. I plan on using his services for all of my future home purchases. I would not even think twice about using someone else. Thanks Jason!
-Nick Downs

Jason came to me recommended by a mutual friend, as lucky realtor number 4. I’d had some pretty terrible experiences with realtors and was beginning to think that maybe my expectations of their service were too high… and then I was set up with Jason Trotman. His service, patience, and diligence in finding me my perfect home exceeded my expectations! He patiently walked me through every step of the process, tirelessly took me to view tens of condos, and didn’t get the least bit discouraged at my notions of a reasonable bid. He is really second to none, and because of him I have now found, closed on, and moved into my perfect condo!
-Alex Roosenburg

Jason Trotman is one of the best agents I have had the opportunity to work with. My fiance and I were first time home buyers, however I have several years experience working as a real estate closing agent. I’ve seen the impact an agent can have on a transaction both positive and negative, so my expectations were very high. I am pleased to write this testimonial for Jason, as he exceeded my high expectations. Jason is thorough with his work and really goes out of his way to find fun in the transaction.

Buying a home is a stressful experience and my fiance and I kept looking at each other wondering when it was going to go bad. It never did. Every phone call was returned, emails were always followed up with and his expertise was critical in helping us through all of our questions. Jason was there every step of the way. Jason also has great contacts in the industry with both mortgage and title. This shows that he is not only respected by those who refer him business, but also by those in the industry.

The real estate business is a close knit community and reputations go a long way. We will always recommend Jason to friends who are looking to buy or sell a home, and if you are trying to make a decision on an agent, go with Jason!
-Adam Austin & Kate Mcgill

Jason came recommended to me through another friend who was also a first time buyer. He was great! He was super responsive and put up with my questions and anxieties at all times of the day and night! He also made himself available via gchat, email and phone to insure I was able to reach him no matter what. After my condo was purchased, we became Facebook friends and found out that he’s friends with one of my really good friends. Small world but a great sign that he’s a good person business and personality wise!
-Sona Karia

Jason’s experience and expertise were integral in my decision to rent out my D.C. property. He was patient, thoughtful and thorough. He found a renter in no time! I really appreciate all his hard work!
-John Rosselli

Jason is extremely professional and was a tremendous help during the negotiation process. On a holiday weekend Jason took us to view the home we purchased several times and submitted our offer. He never stops working and always available. After looking at approx. 40 different properties we are now in our dream home! I would recommend him to friends and family.
-Carolyn & Iain Mackenzie

Recently bought a townhouse in Gaithersburg with Jason.  He is a consummate professional and a go-getter real estate agent.  He will tell you what you need to know honestly and will close the deal!  Highly recommend.
-James Lee

Having Jason as our realtor while my mother and I were looking for a home was such a blessing.  He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the real estate market and takes initiative on getting things done.  On most occasions, when we asked him to do something, he let us know that he already taken care of it.  He consistently showed us properties that fit all of our requirements, and made sure to be available for our scheduling needs.  He is extremely polite and professional, but slides in humor which is often necessary in the sometimes frustrating process of searching for that perfect home.  Realtors like him do not come often, and I would highly recommend him to anyone searching for a home!
-Candy Meredith & Maryaline Shenberger

After working with Jason as a first time home buyer, I feel like I worked with the MOST consummate professional in the DC area. The level of transparency he provided during our work together made the entire process completely stress-free. Never did I feel confused, uncertain,
or conflicted when I worked with Jason. He makes the home buying process as easy as possible. He was also available to answer any questions I had at any time of day. One anecdote I’ll remember was Jason helping me finalize an offer with the seller…while he was on vacation in Puerto Rico! The guy’s a rock star! I will 100% recommend to other home buyers. A great guy to know, not only as a professional, but as a friend.
-Eric Rohleder

By far the best, most knowledge, friendly, approachable and helpful Realtor in the area!  As a first time home buyer,  I was nervous about the whole process of purchasing a home. Jason was simply amazing at walking me through it: explained how everything worked, set and followed through on all of our appointments, gave valid and helpful advice about the various areas and how they would (or would not) suit my needs, shed light on present and future area developments  (i.e.construction of new homes, stores, roads, etc), as well offered his objective opinion, when asked. Jason is not one of those pushy realtors: his very calm and friendly approach is all about “what’s right for you”. He always said that “we will keep on looking until you find The One:  the right condo that’s perfect for you”. Jason works hard to make sure he delivers – and delivers, he does. Jason is very realistic about how long things will take and he is very quick at doing his part to make sure that you get your house as soon as possible, without any mishaps. He is very good at following  up with all the parties involved to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly. Jason is also very communicative and responsive – whenever I had a question, I did not hesitate to call him and he always got back to me as soon as he could, which I greatly appreciated. After I bought the condo, Jason made sure that he followed up with me to ensure that everything is going well and that I am happy with the new purchase. All, in all, I would recommend Jason Trotman to anyone who is looking to buy a new condo, a house, or rent a place. Not only will you find that he is a great realtor, but that  he also becomes a good friend who you can always rely and count on.
-Sasha Zaslavsky

As a first-time homeowner, I listened to what everyone was saying. It was Jason who listened to me. Jason was recommended by a good friend, at the time I was about to discontinue my home search because I was a little discouraged. But after talking to Jason, he knew what I wanted and in one day and less than 3 hours I found my home! And my new home is better than my expectations in Washington, DC!  During the purchasing process, he answered questions I did not think to ask and was there to keep me calm.  Always professional and reachable, I highly recommend Jason.  Thank you Jason.
-Erica Cooper

My fiance and I had the pleasure of working with Jason.  This was our first home purchase and he made it easy for us.  He was very dedicated, patient, professional, and attentive through the whole process.  The entire experience was a smooth process and he made sure we got the home we deserved.  I highly recommend Jason because he is a professional real estate agent.  We could not have done it without him.
-Ruby Tarrau & Jonny Roupar

I recently purchased a condo with Jason and I couldn’t be happier. He was very attentive, extremely helpful and always available to promptly answer any question that I had. He walked me through all the process, documentation and any other issues that appeared throughout the purchasing. I really don’t have a single complain about his work, while I had many problems with other Realtors before. I strongly recommend him.
-Henrique Feijo

We cannot say enough good things about Jason.  Not only was he knowledgeable, but he was patient and helpful as well.  We actually bought a home from him and his seller (we didn’t use an agent to represent us) and he was so fair to us.  Not only did he help us move through our first home buying process, but he took the time to answer all of our questions and always meet us at the condo when necessary.  He definitely went above and beyond for us and really knew what he was doing.  My family is in residential real estate in Chicago and I’m in commercial real estate in DC and he definitely knows what he’s doing.  We would recommend him to any of our friends and family looking to buy/sell in this area. We will definitely be using him for all of our future transactions.
-Veena Pillai

If you are planning to buy/sell or rent just talk to Jason- He is passionate about his job, Thorough, well informed and patient! He makes the stressful experience of the process smoother and easier to deal with. He is very responsible- anything that comes up he will either give the answer to you or find it for you. I unfortunately did not know him before I purchase my first property and what a pity- it was no fun at all-  But I was very lucky and fortunate to have him on my side when I wanted to rent the place out and my god what a difference! You might think you can do it on your own but a great agent like Jason Trotman makes a whole lot of difference. He goes beyond the expectations, he is there when you need him with a lot of information.
-Sepideh Eslami

I was referred to Jason via a mutual friend.  I had been working with another realtor who wasn’t helping me.  I sold my home and was looking to rent closer to my job; my friend told Jason about the difficulties I was having with the realtor.  Jason called me; explained how it should work and the next day we were looking at places.  Whereas my previous realtor sent me a list of 100 properties; Jason filtered a short list based on my criteria!  Imagine that!  It was a pleasure working with Jason and when it comes time for me to purchase another home; I will be calling him!
-Mary Marvin

Having just had a baby, my wife and I had a short timeframe to sell our townhouse and find and buy a new home in the right school district before work started to pick up. We consider ourselves very lucky to have been able to work with Jason. Not only were we able to find the right home and get our house on and off the market quickly, but Jason had the right connections for financing and home repairs and inspections. We bought and sold in a span of thirty days. It was one of the smoothest transitions we’ve ever had. The kicker? He is great with kids. Thanks, Jason!
-Reid Porter

The best realtor in the DC metro area. We couldn’t ask for a more flexible and less pressure filled experience. I asked 1,000’s of questions, changed neighborhoods we were looking for like 10 times, and randomly would send posts, but Jason was never pushy. He never was dishonest about a space and what we were looking at either. Happy Home=Happy Life=Jason Trotman as your realtor.

Once again, Jason came through for us! As a serious Yelper, I cannot say enough about Jason’s work ethic. He was with us every step of the way. From making sure the apartment was good to move in, to brokering the actual deal for the lease, all the way from start to finish he was there for us.

I would not recommend any other person in the country to work with in regards to leasing or buying a place.

Here are some highlights:

1. He saved us money
2. He helped us with even the most minor of issues
3. He drafted and brokered the deal between us and the tenant
4. He helped us with the rates
5. He has looked at over 10 places with us just in the last few months
6. Then he saved us even MORE MONEY after the lease was signed

This is beyond devotion to a job. This is about a man that knows how important it is to keep your family warm, safe, and make life easier during a move. If you want someone who has the business prowess, and also the heart to get you where you need to be, Jason is your man.
-Scott Dworkin

Jason is a great realtor. He was recommended to us by an out-of-town realtor friend, and it was an excellent recommendation. Jason is knows when to negotiate, and when to bid over in the tough DC market. We ended up having to bid over the asking price of the house, but we won and are very happy about it. Jason also follows up after closing and helps out with the inevitable snafus and additional negotiations with the sellers. I have already recommended Jason to other friends in the market, and will definitely use him again if we ever move (although I think we’re in this house for awhile). Very courteous and super responsive to questions; and very patient with the novice questions too. I highly recommend him!!!!
-Eric & Ari Howard

DO NOT BUY A HOME WITHOUT JASON TROTMAN. Buying a home was a huge decision and investment for me, my wife, and 18-month-old daughter. We couldn’t afford to make a bad call, buy a money pit, or get taken advantage of. So we went with the best: Jason Trotman. He’s not the best because he’s got testimonials and references up the wazoo. He’s the best because he takes the time to learn and share everything you need to know about buying your new home. He’s the best because he fights to make sure you are taken care of. Case in point: We had a lender who tried switching settlement costs on us three (3) days before closing. So we told Jason Trotman. Three hours later, we not only had all settlement costs covered, we had the lender begging us to call off our “attack-dog” realtor. If that isn’t 5-star service, I don’t know what is.
-Butch, Maria, and Little Gabriella Cabreros

Jason was there every step of the way. A consummate professional, he listened carefully to my needs. Once a decision was made, he lent his expertise and industry contacts to ensure the process went smoothly. I couldn’t have asked for better in an agent.
-Jeff Aslen

We have known Jason personally for years. When we decided to purchase a home, we called. It was the best call we have ever made. Jason proved not only to be a good friend but the consummate professional. Very knowledgeable in all aspects of the real estate game. Whenever we called, if he did not answer personally, he would get right back to us. Believe me when I say, there were quite a few calls as we ran into some snags in the loan process. Jason walked us through everything and was there with us every step of the way. We highly recommend his services.
-Edwin and Vivian Ortiz

We highly recommend Jason! We had an excellent experience with him while we were searching/purchasing our first home. When we moved to the DC area two and a half years ago, Jason was our first point of contact. After my husband accepted a job in the area, we tried to find affordable housing. This was quite challenging. Since we knew basically nothing about housing in Maryland, DC, or Northern VA, we were at a loss where to get started. That was when we called Jason to come to our rescue. He successfully helped us navigate the rental world and encouraged us to learn the surrounding areas. Thus, the area where our rental was located was a prime location for learning about many different cities and counties. After about a year, we had done some research and narrowed down our top locations. At that point, we again contacted Jason, who promptly began helping us look at homes in those locations and learn about the somewhat complicated world of real estate. To say that he went above and beyond is an understatement. He showed us several places numerous times when we were on the fence about which house on which to make an offer and calmed our nerves, ok, my nerves at all hours of the night. He helped entertain our children and even fielded questions from our extended family, which helped to make the whole process of finding our home more meaningful! We were all in it together, and now we have the perfect place to raise our children and to host both friends and family (of which Jason and his family is a part). Jason was always right there with us and never let us lose sight of what we said was important to us. For that, we are so thankful!. We highly recommend Jason!
-Amanda and Derrick Jones

Jason, I just wanted to personal thank you and Realty Pros for an amazing experience buying my first home! Being young and new to DC, I didn’t even realize I had the option to buy a place. After listening to you explain the market and bring your expertise forward, It was one of the best decisions I made. While on our house visits, (the 10 plus or so we did), you pointed out things I would have never thought about. I was truly able to get a clear vision of each and every condo we walked into. You really walked my family and I through the entire process. I have heard of honor stories of colleagues buying places, but I had absolutely none of those. My experience was second to none and I recommend you to every person who is even thinking about buying in Washington. Thank you for all your help, friendship, and when it is time to sell, I will be calling you 1st”.
-Jaclyn Burke

Jason helped my husband and I become better partners at compromising, listening, and being honest with ourselves and then we bought a house. He really helped us navigate towards a financially sound decision rather than an overpriced or under budget disaster. We have been very fortunate to have a realtor like Jason who really kept us under budget and steered us towards more homes that were a bang for our buck. We ended up with a great home in a wonderful school district that we couldn’t be happier with. I greatly appreciate his eagerness and willingness to get us on a great path for our future. Any chance I get, I drop his name for referral.
-Tabitha and William Jefferson

Jason is an ultimate professional who goes above and beyond for his clients. He was courteous, kind, generous, and provides good insights and advice on the home buying/selling experience. I would highly recommend him as your next real estate agent!
-Monica Thakrar

Jason was very helpful in assisting me with the home buying process. He gave me great advice on which area was conducive to high growth and what to look for in a property that will retain it’s value. He was also very helpful in accommodating with my schedule and assisting me with negotiating price and repair requests. I was a new home buyer, so I had a lot of questions and concerns about the process. Jason was very helpful in navigating me through the process and addressing my concerns. I would certainly recommend him to anyone.
-Jun Wang

This was my 4th attempt at home ownership as a 1st time home buyer. For the most part, I knew exactly what I wanted, and Jason was able to find exactly what I was looking for in one day!!! (we visited 6 houses total on that day). Working with Jason was very pleasant. He is always accessible and responds quickly. He will definitely be my next realtor; he should be yours too.
-Ken Tukei

My wife and I came to know Jason after working with a different agent who didn’t understand our needs as first time home buyers. Jason answered our silliest questions and he didn’t put ANY pressure on us throughout the process. He was responsive to our emails and phone calls. He is technologically savvy. He worked hard for us and his enthusiasm was contagious. Simply put Jason is a knowledge genuine individual who will go to bat for you. At the end of the process I came to consider him a friend. I highly recommend using his services and will recommend him to all of my other friends.
-Alex and Katrina Fernandez

Jason is very competent, easy to work with, professional and goes above and beyond to make sure you know what you’re getting into when buying a home while making it a pleasant experience. Jason and Andre were able to find a home that was within my price range while in perfect location to my job and nightlife. I was able to get a good deal on my home and enjoy living close to everything in the city. Jason is highly recommended to my friends and he is responsive and reliable when you have questions and/or advice. I’m grateful for running into Jason and I’ll always keep in mind when selling or buying another home in the future.
-Nelson Hoeppner

Jason has been an amazing agent for us! As first time home buyers, we had no idea what to expect throughout the entire process. Every document was explained in great detail and every question answered quickly. He was always available to us, no matter the time of day, which made us feel very valued. It is obvious that Jason loves his work and it really shows. I would recommend Jason time and time again.
-Erin and John Augustyniak

I’ve known Jason for three years prior to using his service to buy my condo. I’ve personally seen the long hours he works to meet his clients’ satisfaction. It was a no brainer to ask Jason to help me search for my prospect D.C. condo and in less than a day he produced a list of viable options. Jason is very knowledgeable with the VA Loan process, a rarity these days, and provided me with unfiltered advice as we toured three condos. I was ready to pull the trigger on the first place, but he urged me to consider viewing the two other cheaper options. You heard me right, the cheaper options – meaning he would receive a smaller commission. Jason’s unwavering commitment to meet his clients’ priorities makes him a rare breed in a market full of non-empathetic agents looking to maximize profit margins. I decided to go with the expensive option because Jason and his candor deserve it. I’m proud to enjoy a business/friendship relationship with Jason and I will always advocate him and his first-class services.
-Pablo Valerin

When I was transferred to the DC area, I had to orchestrate a quick move for my family. After searching for rental housing on craigslist for about a week, I got frustrated and decided to give a realtor a shot. I found some of Jason’s sparkling reviews online and gave him a call. It turned out that I had stumbled upon a fantastic resource who was truly willing to go above and beyond what was expected. Jason worked with my wife and I to understand our criteria, figure out what was reasonable within our budget, and develop a list of apartments and single-family homes to visit. We only had two days for a househunting trip, and Jason structured the time in such a way that we could see as many places as possible. While on site, he asked some great questions on our behalf and gave us his honest input. We eventually settled on an excellent apartment within budget and can’t wait to move down to the DC area. Thanks for the help, Jason!.
-Alex Appel

First time home-owner in Virginia. Jason was incredibly helpful and candid. He was incredibly knowledgeable in the home-buying process and made it incredibly easy to find a home that my wife and I both liked.
-John Cole

I was a first-time home owner here in DC and as Colombian woman who had no clue about the whole home-buying process in the United States, I had a great experience thanks to Jason Trotman. He patiently explained the whole process to me and even helped me go through every single document that I had to sign, and I felt that he was watching out for me. He is an extremely experienced, serious and human professional and I’d recommend it to anyone who needs to buy a home.
-Carolina Romero

Professional, passionate, and connected best describes Jason. Prior to him being assigned as our listing agent, my property was on the market for 37 days without any offers. After he took over, We had 2 contracts within 10 days and the property was sold.
-Sherman Jones