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REALTOR ADVICE: Importance of New Construction Walkthroughs 

#Realtor Advice: When you are purchasing a new construction property, take advantage of the walkthroughs. These are the only times in life you are encouraged to be extremely picky and meticulous about imperfections with your new property. Use the blue tape to highlight builder imperfections!!! ***You can ONLY do this w/ new construction and not […]

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CNBC: Housing flipping: It’s riskier but more lucrative

“Higher home prices are making house flipping harder, but more lucrative. Flipping, which is generally defined as buying and selling a home in the same calendar year, was popular during the housing boom, when investors could get easy mortgage financing. Now investors need cash, and as lower-priced, distressed homes dry up, they need more cash.” […]

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Is your Realtor a “Used Car Salesman?”

DISCLAIMER: Some of my best friends are car salespersons. This post is no reflection on the automobile industry or the talented men and women who provide professional customer service when selling cars everyday. In all industries, as a consumer we frequently come across three different types of service providers: GREAT, BAD, and the “NOT IN […]

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