Is your Realtor a “Used Car Salesman?”

DISCLAIMER: Some of my best friends are car salespersons. This post is no reflection on the automobile industry or the talented men and women who provide professional customer service when selling cars everyday.

In all industries, as a consumer we frequently come across three different types of service providers: GREAT, BAD, and the “NOT IN THIS LIFETIME.” Unfortunately, the real estate profession is not immune to this “RULE OF 3.” I have heard many horror stories from clients about their experiences with bad realtors. One statement which remains constant is that the bad realtor was “pressuring the me into purchasing a home.”

How to avoid being pressured into buying a home?
I encourage all homebuyers to begin educating themselves on the market before speaking with a realtor. This will make all the difference and alleviate any potential pressures. sit down with their realtor at the beginning of the homesearch to set REALISTIC expectations. This will give both the realtor and homebuyer an opportunity to assess the level of communication and synergy needed for a hassle-free and enjoyable homebuying experience.

What are basic signs of a Great realtor?
1. Market Mastery – the agent understands the local real estate market.

2. Contract Mastery – the agent understands and can explain each and every provision in the contracts and disclosures.

3. Pricing Expertise – the agent understands how various features, amenities, location, and neighborhood economic plans can affect the market value of the properties.

4. Basic Understanding of Home Construction, Repair and Local Architecture – the agent must understand the basic issues of home construction and repair (ie. don’t expect your agent to be a licensed contractor).

5. Good Problem-Solving and Negotiating Skills – the agent doesn’t fall apart and go all drama-queen (or king) when the negotiations get difficult. They stay calm and focused, and tackle the problem head-on. They are skilled, confident negotiators.

image by Consumerist

image by Consumerist

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